“Up or Down Bls Sirs?!”

CT & Twitter Culture as a “Memetic Amanuensis”


It is currently February 16, 2022. (When fooo wrote most of this article lol)

The cycle may be over…It may be “extended”…One thing is for certain, fooo never heard anyone speaking in terms of “cycles” at all in 2017…but now that we have enough data, every Joe Pleb is chirping about them.

Sifting through the chaff of Crypto Twitter’s talking heads you’ll hear many descriptions of our current cycle — mainly focused on its perceived traits and where we are in it.

Some claim that the cycle topped in May; some in November. Some are measuring from previous cycle highs and believe we “already see extended cycles” while others measure from previous cycle lows and don’t believe that (fooo thinks neither of those measurements are relevant fwiw)

Rather than inquisitive, most reply guys and big accounts alike project confidence in their claims, transparently reflecting a basal, egoistic desire to lead others, even as they disclaim notions of dispensing financial advice.

That’s not all, of course. If their secretive desire to amass clout or pump their bags is the “dark” side of their claim, the “light” side their belief is their belief itself.

Obviously there are some shameless mfs calling for “everyone to be a billionaire” at every local top.

But the majority of CT seems to post what they think. No one is always right, and on some level, this is a psychological aegis, protecting the speaker, but overall, yes,

people say what they *think* they believe about where price goes next.


Fwiw, fooo doesn’t have a great grasp on what happens from here. fooo’s highest % guess is that top was November and we go down for a year with considerable bounces along the way, but fooo isn’t married to that idea. fooo has enough cash profits to be pleased with the cycle’s performance so far, and still enough spot to be pleased if we continue. They call that “strategy”.

Some people reading this article should stop reading this article right now and take some time to look into “strategy” instead of going all in on “Unicorn Cummies” at 101x leverage with your children’s nest egg and then blaming the anonymous devs when it goes wrong. But you won’t blv it.

Go cancel someone on Twitter, that should make you feel better. Twitter — the platform where women can post their gaping anuses with the caption “don’t objectify meeeeyuhhh” but if you say the r-word ironically, you’re banned forever.

And another thing, it’s funny how cancel culture pervades CT here at what fooo thinks is likely the top. fooo called that years ago in a Medium article about “Idealism as a Sentiment Indicator”.

Turned out accurate.

People didn’t give a fuck about crypto culture when you should have been buying.

They care about it now at the top.

Why? Because they are NPCs. It is their nature never to experience a single truly critical thought in their lives.

But you didn’t blv it and you won’t blv it etc


What “Up or Down Bls Ser” *is*

Rather than exploring the literal claims of “up or down bls ser” fooo wishes in this article to look deeper at what, in a bird’s eye view sense, “up or down bls ser” is…

In this article fooo will contend that in a digital attention economy, CT embodies a kind of “memetic amanuensis”. Fancy word-scramble right?

Wrong. Read a book, Lana.

Let’s break down what fooo mean

What is a Synthetic Memetic Amanuensis

First of all, it’s not Mimetics fooo is talking about here but Memetics. Mimetic desire is spoken of often on CT, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Wikipedia defines Memetics:

“Proponents describe Memetics as an approach to evolutionary models of cultural information transfer. Memetics describes how an idea can propagate successfully, but doesn’t necessarily imply a concept is factual.”

Synthetic is not the chemistry type, nor the synthetic derivatives type, it’s the logic type of synthetic. Synthetic a priori — truth of which is verifiable independently of experience.

Encyclopedia Britannica defines this further here:

“In general the truth or falsity of synthetic statements is proved only by whether or not they conform to the way the world is and not by virtue of the meaning of the words they contain. Synthetic a priori knowledge is central to the thought of Immanuel Kant, who argued that some such a priori concepts are presupposed by the very possibility of experience.” — Encyclopedia Britannica’s explanation of what fooo mean

Oxford Dictionary defines Amanuensis as a literary or artistic assistant, in particular one who takes dictation or copies manuscripts. To be clear, fooo is anthropomorphizing the amalgam of twitter reply guys, talking heads, big influenzas etc as one conceptual entity.

We are calling what CT is an Amanuensis of sorts.

Hopefully that is all clear. If it isn’t, fooo will take the blame for not being able to come up with less wordy title for what fooo is trying to describe.

If you have a better one, just tell fooo and fooo will consider it.

But language exists to convey concepts as precisely as possible, and this seems the most precise to fooo for now.

A work in progress fooo guesses.

Let’s not get hung up on the title though, let’s just accept it as something we have to stomach and move on in our analysis.

So, to refresh before we move on.

First let’s look at “truths” vs truths. A “fact” in modernity is open to many interpretations, and often wielded, rather than referenced.

For example: A fact-based truth is that if you consume more calories than you expend, you will gain weight.

A feelings-based “truth” is that you deserve to love yourself no matter what your weight is.

So…what is CT as Memetic Amanuensis?

It’s a replicator of feelings-based “truths” which successfully and reflexively propagates said “truths” culturally, verifiable independently of experience, wherein fact-based truth is irrelevant.

Dissecting the Essence of CT “Analysis” Tweets

As is often the case when observing hoomans, it behooves the sensible observer to incise past the literal interpretation of someone’s claim,

past the the egotistic or emotional undercurrent

and into the substance

Often this “substance” within a claim may be hidden, even to the speaker, but there is often a glint of truth in every claim.

A whisper of the real in every platitude, enough to render at least a serviceable simulacrum, palatable to those who already agree and to whomst it bolsters their biases.

This “substance” within claims as it relates to market analysis can be envisioned in the mind as a “part of the whole” — hoomans tend to have an otherworldy instinct for the truth of what will be, at least whispers of the future.

Call it something supernatural.

Call it time being a flat circle, Marty.

Call it whatever you like. There is some strange whisper of the future hidden within every present claim…

Whether this is some kind of Deja Vu the subconscious of the person realizes and reflects through their voiced thoughts or whether it is more of a hint given by a single hooman about how hoomans are facing the current situation that gives insight as to how the future will go is irrelevant to this essay

but there’s an echo, like a shade of meaning, everytime a CT analyzooor offers up their analysis or thoughts on current price action or what will happen or why they like xyz coin or whatever

and that shade of meaning is derived from them being a human ape, and human apes being fundamentally, biopsychologically similar, and acting, effectively, in roughly similar ways to certain stimuli

Okay so how is this useful and relevant to CT being an anthropomorphized Memetic Amanuensis?

It’s because that’s what all of Twitter is really

That’s the nature of a platform that allows you to retweet, to reply, to ping with notifs

We reify, over and over, “truths” to one another

You can see culture itself forming and reforming like a massive weave on Twitter

Iteratively, it offers rendition after new renditions of what culture *is*

of what truth *is*

far too fast and too effectively to be contained by facts, reason, logic et al

specifically on CT we see “truth” form through the collective perceptions of what constitutes a dank meme

an in-vogue NFT collection

the cone du jour

even Bitcone

The Memetic Amanuensis replicates and replicates, iterates and iterates, and culture undulates and morphs.

To know and recognize this phenomenon is a powerful edge in a market driven so much by meme, greed, fear and hope

You begin to perceive each CT talking head or analyzoor not literally for the content of the lines on the charts they draw,

but rather their “truth”, expressed between the lines of their declarations, impacts the constantly shifting weave of what is understood as CT culture, and what that “collective truth” indicates as to where we are within the vast, physics-bound cycle of our beloved ponzis.

For those familiar with Warhammer 40k, CT reminds fooo of the Orks

They share characteristics both of organic sentients and fungus

their belief itself enhances various aspects of their war technology

missiles painted a certain color will travel farther simply because enough orks believe it to be so

A similar concept is outlined the cult classic computer game Planescape Torment. In Sigil, the nexus city at the center of the Planes, belief itself forges truth. This adds a very literal dimension to wars fought over belief, because the very nature of the planes themselves shift as more people blv in one philosophy versus another.


fooo is observing this phenomenon with interest, as smolting might observe a daily close.

Whether, or how the knowlege of how CT functions as a hyper self-replicatooor and thereby forms a cultural nexus around which value itself is bought and sold… well… it’s up to you figure out where the alfalfa is there…

or if there is any alfalfa to be had.

“Up or down bls sir” — means something. Track that replyguy for fun. See if he is always so uncertain. When he is uncertain. When he is 100% certain.

Perhaps you use his pathos as an indicator, alongside logic…

TL;DR: Look for what it could mean when the ding dongs are uncertain versus when they are certain

when they are bullish vs bearish

When you consider where we are in the cycle of the market

What might happen next

Perhaps consider the physics of pathos…

The physics driving the biology of a hooman in a vast ocean of hoomans…

how does it begin…where does it go…

In the meantime

fooo will be around

blasting egirls with a nice wyd here and there

cracking jokes

and pushing for a culture on CT that resists entropy just a lil bit better.




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